When planning a kitchen, lighting is often underestimated or postponed until the last moment. However, properly selected lighting can completely transform the interior. Austrian scientists have proven that light strongly affects digestion, and the brighter the light, the worse the appetite, and, accordingly, the general well-being. That is why the ceiling chandelier for the kitchen should be chosen as correctly as possible, taking into account all the nuances of this room.

Modern chandeliers for the kitchen surprise with numerous colors and execution styles. Light is the main part of a well-thought-out interior that makes your kitchen cozy, comfortable and practical. Lighting in the kitchen, as in other rooms, should be divided into local and general. The local one serves to illuminate the working area, while the general one fills the space with light.

Ceiling chandelier in the kitchen

The most uniform lighting in the kitchen will be provided by a chandelier located high under the ceiling. It must have matte shades to soften and diffuse the light, without creating a shadow and inconvenience in the work area. Low-lying lamps illuminate less space, in which case you need several of them.

Ceiling chandelier for the kitchen

Types of chandeliers

Chandeliers can be conditionally divided by design and style of execution.

By design

Hanging chandeliers are a series of soffits that are placed on a rope. A classic option for the kitchen is a lampshade model. It is placed above the kitchen table and installed in rooms with a small square footage. The versatility of forms and design ideas makes this type of chandelier the most versatile.

chandelier lampshade in the kitchen

Ceiling models are a suitable option for a compact dining room with a low ceiling. The bulb of the chandelier should be made of frosted glass. It is possible to use traditional transparent glass. There are bright and multi-colored models, the shape of which is often the same, however, you can also purchase modern models: chandeliers in the form of tiaras, roses, chrysanthemums.

ceiling chandelier over dining table

A separate type of chandeliers – classic. Such models look fabulous, they are characterized by elegance combined with pomp and some motley. The interior design of the kitchen should be luxurious so that such a chandelier looks harmonious in it.

classic chandelier for kitchen

Light contrast, the ability to make the room more effective and expressive, spot chandeliers are ideal for this. These hybrid types of lamps appeared on the market relatively recently, but have already achieved great success. Their design consists in the ability to direct the light source to the area that needs to be highlighted at the moment.

chandelier spots in the kitchen

There are single, double, and whole spot systems consisting of three or more components. They are functional, thanks to them you can achieve quite unusual decorative solutions. The sizes, style, as well as the material for the production of spots completely depend on the wishes of the customers. The use of such chandeliers in the kitchen allows you to solve various functional tasks and illuminate the required areas.

By performance style

Classics – such models are elegant and luxurious, they will not lose popularity even over time. The external characteristics are suitable for classic and country style kitchens. Wrought lampshades, glass elements, hanging chains will be harmoniously combined with them. Forged chandeliers with candles are popular among customers.

wrought iron chandelier in the kitchen

Modern is a chandelier that is suitable not only for “minimal” and “classic” kitchen styles, but also for a cozy house or a fashionable Scandinavian-style kitchen. Models of modernism are matte shades that are combined with classic forms. They are unique.

chandelier for kitchen

Candelabra In the kitchen, which corresponds to the classic type, candelabra models with crystal lighting, transparent or multi-colored glass are suitable. Also, interior designers often use classic models with fabric soffits. However, these models must be placed only in the area where your family will dine. If you hang such a lamp in the kitchen, not far from the cooking area, it will quickly get dirty.

candelabra in the kitchen

High-tech / techno – models of this type are ceiling and suspended. Most often, these models of cold shades have the shape of geometric shapes. As a rule, such models are metal. But sometimes, at the request of customers, they can be made of plastic or glass.

high-tech chandelier

In interior design, the style of eclecticism and the direction of fusion are very popular – the combination of details from all known directions. In this case, a mountain crystal chandelier is suitable, which will look modern and in a hi-tech kitchen.

fusion lamp

Features of choosing a chandelier

The choice of a chandelier for the kitchen directly depends on many aspects. In particular, you can highlight the types and color of the ceiling, lighting power, height and type of ceiling. It should be taken into account that a dark-colored ceiling absorbs 20-25 percent of light, so the power of the lighting device should be an order of magnitude higher.

The chandelier should be chosen based on the type of ceiling. For example, you can take hook chandeliers, which during installation are hung on a special hook that protrudes from the ceiling. This mounting option will be suitable for classic hanging chandeliers and only if it is attached to a concrete ceiling. As for the chandelier for the kitchen, which is attached to the ceiling surface with special brackets, then these devices are suitable for suspended ceilings.

hanging chandeliers for kitchen

If the wall shelves or cabinets in the kitchen are shallow or absent at all, jet and bus systems can be used to illuminate the work surface. Similar designs make it possible to turn each type of lamp in the required direction. This type of lighting is suitable for a loft, hi-tech or minimalist kitchen.

Do not neglect safety. For the kitchen, it is best to choose lamps with increased protection against the formation of traces of dust and splashes.

In order for lamps to please their owners for a long time, they must be clean. To do this, you need to wipe them with a damp sponge every day. In addition, the household chemicals store sells special products that will help prevent the appearance of greasy streaks in the future.

Design criteria for choosing a chandelier for the kitchen

The chandelier should be chosen depending on the level of the ceiling and square footage. The lower the ceiling and the smaller the square footage of the room, the smaller the lamp should be. For a compact kitchen, it is necessary to install lamps with small soffits that seem to “grow” into the ceiling, or special saucer models.

If the chandelier in the room will be the main source of light energy, it should be placed in the middle of the room. This will be an excellent solution if the square footage of the room is small. In rooms with a large square footage, with a separate area for eating, a chandelier placed in the center of the ceiling will shine only on that part of the room, which is often unoccupied. As a result, it will be more rational to hang the lamp above the kitchen table.

choosing a chandelier for the kitchen

For a combined kitchen with a living room, the best option is a combination of spot lighting with the main chandelier. It is important to consider that the brightness of the lighting should be different: the working area should be brighter, the dining room area should be more muted. In addition, if part of the kitchen is allocated for the dining area in your apartment or you have a studio apartment, it is better to hang two small lamps above the dining room. The lighting will evenly illuminate the room, and the design will play with new colors.

Properly selected lighting will place the necessary accents and allow the kitchen to acquire a new look, and cooking in such an environment will bring a lot of pleasure.

Ceiling chandelier for the kitchen: selection criteria

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