Interior decoration in the Scandinavian style is an excellent design solution. Thanks to the combination of simplicity and light shades with bright accessories, this style can fill any room with cleanliness, freshness and home comfort. A bedroom in the Scandinavian style can become for you an ideal corner of relaxation and your individuality.

Features of the Scandinavian style:

  • predominance of white, beige and pastel shades;
  • simplicity;
  • practicality and functionality;
  • restraint;
  • elegance;
  • furniture and any decor made of natural materials;
  • the use of bright and unusual decor.

Processing features

White plaster is best suited for both the walls and the ceiling of the interior in the Scandinavian style, it brings a lot of light into the bedroom and creates a feeling of a large space. If you are not a fan of white walls, you can use, for example, light blue, beige paint or shades of gray. It is only necessary to remember that the walls must be light in color, you absolutely cannot paint them in bright colors or black.
Bedroom in Scandinavian style

Some design solutions even involve the use of wallpaper for the walls, but there are certain requirements for them. Wallpaper is taken in plain white, gray, beige, pastel blue. The drawing can be present only on one of the walls, most often on the one to which the bed is placed. A pattern one tone darker or lighter than the main color of the wallpaper with the image of geometry, abstract or wooden motifs is not a bright and eye-catching pattern.
Scandinavian bedroom interior

Scandinavians adhere to the principle that natural elements should be harmoniously present in the interior. Therefore, this style involves the use of wood as the main material. For the floor, the ideal option would be laminate or parquet made of wood. For a budget option, linoleum with a tree cut pattern is suitable.
Scandinavian bedroom design

The tree can also be present in the decoration of the bedroom walls. Part of the wall or one of them can be made of wood – this will add authenticity to the interior.
bedroom interior in Scandinavian style

If you want to lay a carpet or carpet for the entire room in a Scandinavian bedroom, then choose it in beige tones. In other cases, only small-sized carpets with contrasting shades in relation to the color of the floor covering or with a bright pattern are permissible.
Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom


Scandinavian style does not tolerate old heavy furniture. Any furniture should be made of natural wood or any other natural materials, this is the only way you can create a real Scandinavian bedroom.

The color of furniture in the Scandinavian style is natural wood of any shade (most importantly, not painted) or white. Sometimes they are painted in gray or milky shades, similar in tone to the wall decoration.

white color in the interior of the bedroom

The main function of furniture is practicality, the Scandinavian style does not tolerate expensive but unnecessary things. The bedroom should not be cluttered with anything extra in order to get the maximum amount of free space. As a rule, only three objects are present in the interior: a wooden bed on legs, open bedside tables and a chest of drawers for clothes. If the bedroom simultaneously performs the function of furniture, then a table and a chair of a simple design without drawers are added.
Bedroom in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style in the house

Separately, I need to say about the shelves. They are most often present in any Scandinavian-style room, including the bedroom. The shelves are only open and simple wooden or white or in the tone of the wall decoration. It can be one long shelf for the entire wall or many small ones located above the bed or table.
shelf in the interior of a Scandinavian bedroom


A Scandinavian-style apartment should be filled with a lot of natural light, so it is better to make the windows in the bedroom large. So they will let the sun’s rays through, and the bedroom will have a very pleasant look. Windows are usually made to match the floor or wall, for example, if the walls are white, then the windows are painted white.
lighting in a Scandinavian bedroom

Curtains in the Scandinavian style are not used. Nothing should block the path of light. Light tulle made of natural fabric in light shades is rarely used. This is due to the fact that the Scandinavian style came from a region where the daylight hours are very short, so people strive to enjoy the sun’s rays as much as possible. If you live further south, where you want to hide from the scorching heat in the summer, then you will have to make adjustments in true Scandinavian style. It is allowed to use blinds or long dense curtains of light shades to match the finish.

curtains in a Scandinavian bedroom

blinds in the Scandinavian style
Chandeliers are also an integral part of the Scandinavian interior. But here there are no restrictions, just like other decor elements. Both a chandelier with candles and electric lamps fit perfectly into this style. You can even find a combination of lamps of several styles in a Scandinavian bedroom, and surprisingly it looks very harmonious. For example, a classic crystal chandelier with loft-style lamps will perfectly fit into an ascetic Scandinavian-style bedroom.
chandelier in a Scandinavian bedroom

Decor and accessories

In the Scandinavian interior of the bedroom, there are no restrictions on decor elements. Although there is one thing – there should not be too many of them, so as not to cover the main features of the style. In general, everything should be in moderation. Basically, the bedroom is decorated with monochromatic details that do not stand out against the other background. At the same time, Scandinavians like to add colors to the room, so the decor may well be bright red, blue, green colors. It already depends on the character of the owner of the room. For example, there will be many times more bright accents in a nursery than in an adult bedroom.
chandelier in the Scandinavian interior
Pictures and photographs in frames are an important element of decor. They are made in black and white or in light pastel colors. The paintings are distinguished by minimalism, usually they are images of an object, person, animal or abstraction on a white or gray background. Black-and-white photos of people or some area that is significant for the owner of the room. If there are shelves in the bedroom, then the pictures are placed on them. Otherwise, they are hung on the walls, most often in a row above the bed.
Scandinavian style decor

Plant decor is presented in the form of unpretentious indoor flowers (ficuses, cacti, succulents, others), dried flowers or branches of various trees. They are placed on the windowsill, bedside table or directly on the floor. Branches are often painted white and decorated with colorful ribbons or garlands.
paintings in the Scandinavian bedroom

A good solution would be to use mirrors, which will further increase the space.
Scandinavian bedroom interior

You can hang plaster or cardboard animal heads on the wall, for example, a deer. This will bring an atmosphere of closeness to nature.

Rugs or pillows with a floral cover will add a feeling of warmth and coziness.
Scandinavian style bedroom decor

In the bedroom, you can make an unusual accent near the bed by placing paintings, posters, photos or using contrasting wallpaper. Pillows, handmade products, decorative products in pots – all this can become a wonderful addition to the interior. Indoor plants will also not be superfluous in the interior and will add organicity and completeness.
Bedroom in Scandinavian style

Undoubtedly, the Scandinavian style is a fashionable and relevant solution for decorating the bedroom. It will not only help you create a cozy home environment, but also give you a good mood, an atmosphere of peace. The style is good because it has a good effect on the human nervous system, as if calming it down after a hard day. But remember that there should not be anything extra in the bedroom so that it does not distract from rest. And then you can fully enjoy the simplicity and practicality of this incredibly unique style.

Bedroom in Scandinavian style

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