Recently, armstrong LED ceiling lights have become very popular. They are used for general lighting or to focus on a particular area. The world’s leading interior designers are increasingly incorporating Armstrong LED ceiling lights into their projects, as their functional features allow them to achieve a high result.

Features and Applications

The lamps got their name thanks to the Armstrong ceilings, which were named by the company of the same name, which was the first to offer such products on the Russian market. Most often, ceiling lights are mounted in these ceilings.

Armstrong LED Ceiling Lights

They have a standard housing (cell in the shape of a square), regardless of the type of lamp, which simplifies their installation and installation. A screen is inserted that reflects the light, and the light source itself (the lamp). The conclusions of the electrical wire and fasteners are located on the sides. They are inserted instead of a square ceiling plate (panel) without the use of additional devices. So the fixtures perform the function of a logical continuation of this type of ceiling.

Armstrong LED luminaires are highly efficient options for long-term ceiling lighting in large-area residential buildings, factory and factory workshops, hangars and conference halls, train stations and airport buildings, gyms and shopping areas.

Modern designers recommend using armstrong lamps as lighting fixtures for industrial premises and public buildings, since only they can provide maximum energy savings during long-term operation.

Armstrong lamps are indispensable in office lighting, because other options do not provide such high-quality lighting.

Installation of LED lamps of this type is not possible in all rooms, because. their specific “cold light” must be taken into account. In a large bathroom or corridor, this lighting would be appropriate, but it is not recommended to use it for the kitchen and nursery. In the case of their installation in a residential area, it is possible to install them not only in the Armstrong ceiling, but also in rack ceiling structures.

Despite the same type of design, all models look organic, because their main purpose is not a stylish decor, but high functionality.

Armstrong LED lamps

Main characteristics

Device Diagram:

  • the body on which the components are attached;
  • electrical wires with serial or parallel connection and connection to a current source through a transformer;
  • electronic or electromechanical steam;
  • light source (LED or fluorescent lamp);
  • plastic or glass cover;
  • reflector with a heatsink for heat dissipation.

These products have excellent technical characteristics. Most of them contain more than one LED, so they are highly efficient and reliable. Their unique body of the correct geometric shape also allows to achieve a high level of illumination, its high-quality device makes it possible to quickly install Armstrong systems in the ceiling without gaps.

In the manufacture of lighting fixtures, compliance with the design parameters of the Armstrong ceiling (cell dimensions) is taken into account. Their important characteristics are minimal power consumption, convenience and practicality. The luminaires are durable, the reliability of the LEDs is guaranteed by high-quality stabilizers. High-quality cooling radiators and step-down transformers ensure their long-term trouble-free operation.

The main characteristics of LED lamps will ensure the efficiency of their uninterrupted operation, provided that the ceiling height in the room is from 3 to 5 meters.

Types of lamps “Armstrong”

Until recently, Armstrong luminaires with fluorescent lamps were the most popular, in the very first models electromechanical equipment was installed. Their work can be accompanied by a pulsating light flux and weak flicker, their efficiency is 65%. They heat the air and emit dangerous ultraviolet radiation. These deficiencies can have a negative impact on the health of people under their influence for a long time, so their installation in offices is undesirable. They are recommended for use in corridors, domestic and utility rooms.

Modern models are equipped with electronic ballast, which allows them to be more durable and of high quality. Economical ballasts do not malfunction, there is no flicker and a feeling of dim light. The standard fixture consists of 4 lamps. Modern models have an original and noble design.

Lamps “Armstrong” with LED lamps are becoming more and more popular every year. They consist of a combination of several LED elements (their power depends on how many and what type they are) and a heatsink that provides heat dissipation. In lamps of this type, the radiator is highly efficient, which allows the lamps not to reduce their luminosity. Compared to the previous version, they have brighter light, a longer service life, they consume less electricity, so it is more profitable to buy them, despite the expensive cost.

Armstrong LED lamp

Advantages and disadvantages of Armstrong lamps

The main advantages of Armstrong lamps in comparison with traditional ceiling models:

  • minimum level of energy consumption;
  • a long period of operation (about 11 years) makes it possible for the device to pay for itself more than once due to the rational use of electricity;
  • highly productive functioning (bright uniform luminous flux without flickering);
  • the use of products is safe for human health (they do not contain mercury and other hazardous substances, they do not emit ultraviolet radiation that is dangerous for the skin, etc.);
  • do not need special disposal;
  • during their continuous operation there are no extraneous sounds and changes in the intensity of the light flux;
  • devices do not affect the air temperature, it remains constant;
  • their operation does not cause electromagnetic interference;
  • they do not have steam, and the efficiency of their work is 95%.

Armstrong LED lamps, like any other lighting fixtures, have disadvantages, the same as their counterparts:

  • their cost is an order of magnitude higher than that of luminescent devices;
  • “cold light” creates a not very comfortable atmosphere;
  • cheap options are effective for only 3-4 years.

Armstrong luminaires are an economical solution for lighting large areas. If necessary, they can be quickly and easily dismantled. With an increase in the service life of the product, it does not lose its original qualities, and its design does not change. The positive properties of this type of lighting fully compensate for the cost of its purchase. Therefore, when choosing the type of product for the Armstrong ceiling, you need to study the technical characteristics of the fixtures or find out the recommendations of experts. Only in this case, the coverage will be competent, reliable and effective.

Lamps “Armstrong” – simplicity and reliability

The article tells about the characteristics and features of Armstrong LED lamps, what positive and negative sides this type of lighting has, as well as how to use them to get the maximum effect. A practical, reliable, aesthetic type of lighting is indispensable in conference rooms, business centers, and other large rooms that require long-term lighting. A large number of advantages and the absence of disadvantages make it possible to perfectly organize lighting in the home, office, and enterprise with their help.

Armstrong LED Ceiling Lights

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