Air-bubble panels are one of the most expressive design elements used in residential interiors. The design is a transparent vessel (made of glass or transparent composite material) filled with distilled water or glycerin. Air bubbles move vertically in a transparent solution.

To appreciate this original detail, you need to see it at least once in an interior composition. Swirling bubble panels are illuminated by LED lamps with different shades of light flux, which gives a certain mood to the environment. Yellow, pink and orange colors create a feeling of warmth and coziness, blue and purple give the atmosphere a chilly mystery.

Air bubble panels

Design features

The vertical movement of the bubbles is carried out in a continuous mode, thanks to the action of the compressor, which creates a directed air flow.

It is very important, when choosing a system, to take into account what equipment is used for pumping air (the degree of protection against noise should be clarified). The humming sounds of the working machine rob the beautiful panel of its initial charm. In high-quality models, proper sound insulation is provided, which neutralizes compressor noise.

Air-bubble panels have the following characteristics:

  • dimensions;
  • form;
  • thickness and quality of glass (polycarbonate, triplex, acrylate);
  • internal structure (with partitions, without partitions);
  • appearance of bubbles (small, medium, large);
  • the number of tubes inside which bubbles move (if they are provided by the design).

The more transparent the materials are, the more impressive the interior composition looks. Glycerin compositions are characterized by high viscosity, so the bubbles in this mixture rise slowly, in distilled water, on the contrary, a turbulent flow is formed. LED lighting creates a soft, directional light stream that highlights the area where the balls move. There are products on sale with a control panel , with the help of which you can choose a color background, thereby changing the appearance of the interior.

Air bubble panels and columns

Standard execution

The panels in the shape of an elongated parallelepiped reinforced with metal or acrylic stiffeners have become the most common in interior design. Air balloons passing under pressure through special washers move chaotically in different directions, intersect, creating a dynamic colorful picture.

The thickness of the transparent panels is from 40 to 70 mm. Such structures can be made independently, using acrylic sheets or cellular polycarbonate as body materials. However, no matter how carefully the interior elements were made, the factory columns look more aesthetically pleasing. This is due to the use of innovative technologies, lamps and materials, which is not possible in everyday conditions.

Air-bubble panels have become a popular decoration not only of residential interiors, but also of commercial buildings. Stylish dynamic compositions can be seen today in shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels. The sight of moving water has a beneficial effect on our perception of the situation – it relieves stress and brings a pleasant sense of calm.

Air bubble panels


Air-bubble panels can be a separate element of the interior, or harmoniously complement other compositions, as well as play the role of a separator between functional zones.

Columns and panels are often combined with each other, forming an enchanting curtain, inside which a waterfall rages, or transparent balls move smoothly.

There are many design solutions, each of which is used in a specific interior ensemble. The main location of the panel is an entrance hall, hall, living room, less often – a bedroom. In addition to rectangular columns, hexagon or sphere-shaped structures are popular – most often they are installed in niches or arches.

Stationary and mobile panels

Stationary columns are installed indoors or outside the building (for example, next to a sign) using special tools and technologies.

Portable panels are a miniature copy of overall structures. Beautiful accessories that work from the electrical network are placed on the shelves of racks, bedside tables, on the coffee table.

Air-bubble panels and columns

Production of exclusive panels

For design compositions developed for a specific interior, columns and panels created according to sketches of artists are ordered. These can be very unusual designs, decorated on the outside with drawings, inlays, and paintings.

In the most complex devices, several modes of movement of the bubbles are provided – fast and slow, with different options for illumination. The appearance of such an artificial water curtain can be infinitely varied – it all depends on the creative imagination of the developer.

The sound accompaniment of the composition became popular – it can be the sounds of nature or melodious music that changes when the rhythm and speed of the balloons change.

Air bubble panels in a cafe

Qualitative characteristics

The decorative effect created by the bubble columns depends on the properties of the material from which the body is made, the operating characteristics of the compressor unit, which is used by the manufacturer of the construction assembly technology. Signs of the high quality of the panel are the following characteristics:

  • high transparency of the housing walls;
  • stability of the movement of balloons;
  • neat external and internal finishing;
  • smooth switching of LED lighting,
  • soft uniform light;
  • aesthetic branded packaging;
  • detailed accompanying documentation of the manufacturer.

When choosing a bubble panel, you should, first of all, pay attention to the indicators listed above. You should not focus on the design and low price of the product – high-tech construction materials and expensive lighting devices are used in the production of quality products. But it is precisely such panels that will serve for a long time and please consumers with a high aesthetic effect.

Looking behind the panels

Air-bubble panels are complex technical devices. Preventive work is a guarantee of a long service life of the structure, and ensures the reliable operation of all system parts. Masters check the serviceability of electrical appliances, nozzles (it is necessary to periodically clean the elements), working units and compressor mechanisms.

Air-bubble panels and columns

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