Is a loft-style nursery possible? Will the child be interested in brickwork on the wall and pipes that no one thinks to hide? We answer: firstly, rather, it is not a children’s, but a teenager’s room, secondly, a loft is not arranged only in the presence of brickwork and bare pipes. It has different variations, among which you can always pick up something worthy of attention.

Why a loft?

The advantages of this style for a teenager’s room are obvious. Large windows let in a lot of light, which is important for a room where a student will spend a lot of time studying. Transformer furniture or multi-level structures, so beloved by teenagers, fit perfectly into the loft. So, the upper tier of the structure can be used as a sleeping place, and a roomy closet for clothes, books, CDs, and some hobby items of the young owner of the children’s room will be perfectly located under it.

Loft has a second name: attic style. Among the people, it took root even better than the official name of the style. And what boy doesn’t like to explore abandoned attics?
Children's room in loft style

How to zone space

The main feature of the loft style is the absence of partitions, openness of space. However, the division into functional zones is still assumed. Zoning is conditional and can be done using different finishing materials in two adjacent areas of the room. For example, the sleeping area in the children’s loft is decorated in soft, soothing colors, while the work area is arranged according to all the loft rules using such materials as brick, stone, metal, and leather.
nursery in loft style

A creative solution would be to install a slate board or paint one of the walls with a special paint that will turn it into a board for drawing with chalk.

If there is a need to separate the space for two children, use thin portable screens that are installed only as needed, and all the rest of the time are in a folded state somewhere in the pantry.

Another common method of zoning is the use of furniture. For this purpose, a combined wall can be used, which combines a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, a game compartment or ordinary shelves. Of course, any furniture that will be actively used for climbing up and down must be equipped with strong, reliable handrails and sides.
nursery in loft style

You can divide the space of the nursery into zones with the help of lighting. For this, you will need various lighting devices: a sconce, a table lamp, LED lighting. Each of them is placed in one of the zones and is turned on as needed.

Which decorative materials are used

In order for a loft-style nursery to resemble a warehouse or an attic as much as possible, you don’t need a lot of finishing materials. The walls can resemble unpainted concrete or brick, the floor is covered with unpainted wooden boards. Window frames are simple. Over time, the loft style became more refined, but kept one of the indisputable rules: a large number of natural finishing materials.

Of course, raw boards under the feet are unacceptable in the interior of the children’s room. But their imitation can be achieved using laminate or linoleum with a natural wood pattern.
nursery in loft style

Brickwork on the walls is unlikely to be properly appreciated by a child, although, until the teenage years, boys will like this garage style. For now, it is worth limiting yourself to simple light wallpapers without a picture. And decorate the walls with letters, graffiti, photos. It is enough to paint the ceiling with white paint, or as an option, make it resemble an attic – a wooden roof with cross beams.
nursery in loft style

Both light walls and a wall in the form of a slate board contribute to the development of a child’s creative abilities. She will be able to place her drawings everywhere and draw whatever she wants on the board.
nursery in loft style

How to choose furniture

Children’s furniture must always meet the strictest requirements: hypoallergenic materials (mainly wood) and the strength of accessories. The best option is multifunctional furniture sets, light and compact.

As for the design, it is the most unpretentious: wood colored in light tones, rough shapes, similar to boxes or pallets.
nursery in loft style

In the nursery, there must be specially designated drawers in the closet for toys. Alternatively, a drawer under the bed or the lower compartments of the furniture wall with drawers may be suitable.
nursery in loft style

The loft style is a real space for creativity. It is safe to say that it contributes to the development of refined taste in a child.

A children’s room in a loft style is a space for creativity

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