In the interior of an apartment or house, Japanese style is equated with free space and practicality. Ideally, there should be nothing but the absolutely necessary in the bedroom. The furniture itself, including the Japanese-style bed, is a simple design, without frills, intended for only one purpose – a comfortable rest after a busy day. All components of interior decoration and furnishing are required strictly for specific purposes and are not intended to simply fill the space, which is characteristic of the entire eastern culture – it is important to free the home from any obstacles to the free movement of energy.

When imagining an interior design in the Japanese style, you can hardly see high furniture, be it a seat or a bed, so preference is given to low-profile models in which the mattress literally lies on the floor.

Japanese-style bed
Distinctive features of a Japanese-style bed:

  • The bed is low, the mattress is located almost on the floor;
  • A clumsy form without frills and decorations;
  • The back is straight, of the correct geometric shape;
  • The bed pedestal forms shelves around the perimeter of the bed.

This is how the very “average” bed in the Japanese style is presented. The main message, as in all styles, is simplicity and practicality, but not asceticism. In a certain sense, you can find an intersection with the Loft style, where an edged board is used to make furniture. In our case, the material can be wood of any species, from larch to oak or mahogany.
japanese style bed


The shape of the frame, more precisely, its simplicity and at the same time strength is much more important in this case. The size of a Japanese-style bed can be anything from a single to a full-sized double. If the dimensions of the bedroom allow, it is better to give preference to a larger bed.
japanese style bed

A distinctive feature of a Japanese-style bed is the presence of a wide shelf along its perimeter, although not all thematic collections can find it. The back is always chosen rectangular of the correct shape and low. Most often, it is a solid massif of wood, assembled from thin boards. However, for variety, a lattice framed by a rigid frame is also used.
japanese style bed


You can leave the bed with a natural wood pattern, painting it only with transparent varnish, or paint it in any suitable color. If the entire room is decorated in Japanese style, then the color is selected accordingly. For example, the furniture, or rather the case, is chosen in contrast to the light finish of the walls and floor, preference is given to dark brown, black.
japanese style bed

The surface of the wood is left more often with a natural texture, without bringing it to a perfectly smooth state. Matte dark color is exactly what you can often find in ready-made collections of furniture in the Japanese style.

Other furniture in the bedroom is also selected to match the tone of the bed and the style of its execution: low tables or bedside tables on the sides and a simple low-profile bench located at the base of the bed.

A bed in Japanese style – simplicity and practicality

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